Friday, 22 July 2011

Hip Houseplants

 From what I hear indoor plants had their heyday in the 1970’s, where living rooms began to look more like jungles with palm trees, hanging ferns and climbing plants. These days when it comes to plants it’s becoming a more architectural, minimalist look where choosing the right plant and pot is like selecting a piece of art.

So it’s not surprising that potted plants are quickly becoming my favourite obsession. And not only because they significantly improve indoor air quality, but because they create the most amazing statement pieces.

So if you're looking to reinvent your indoor/outdoor spaces without spending a fortune, here is some inspiration and tips:

Group plants for extra impact. Make sure they vary in height for the most pleasing outcome.
It’s all about the pot – spend the time finding the right one. And please.. no more terracotta.
Liven up otherwise dull spaces such as window sills & awkward corners
Select flowering plants that coordinate with your decor and colour scheme.
Be creative!

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