Saturday, 18 June 2011

The new feature wall: Green Living Walls

Sick of painted feature walls? I am! Pretty sure they went out of fashion in the 1990’s. 

So what’s the new black? Green Living Walls. Why not transform a bland wall into an exotic wall of greenery, literally adding life to the surrounding spaces and ultimately the people within them. 

The immediate benefit of a Green Living Wall is that they create square meterage of ‘greenspace’ while using minimal floor space. They conveniently come in module units which can be vertically stacked to any height, and their inbuilt reticulation system ensures maximum resource efficiency in our current water sensitive climate.

And whilst not only adding instant aesthetic value to interior spaces they also improve the indoor air quality. Indoor pollution is a major health concern, especially in the cooler months when we spend more time inside, fortunately plants have an innate ability to filter the surrounding air of toxins, increase oxygen and act as humidifiers. 

Now can you see why these are becoming hot property. Much more appealing than beige on beige don’t you think?

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